It’s Easy in the Big Easy

First of all: blog post title or title of a historical novel?

We went to New Orleans a couple months ago (yes I know, I’m the worst at blogging) and as usual, it did not disappoint.  We locked down a MUTHA-EFFIN’ wedding venue!!  The MUTHA-EFFIN’ was definitely necessary in the previous sentence as it conveys how pumped I am about the location.  Let’s recap, shall we?

2015-10-17 18.33.56
I’m not sure why I love this so much.

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Let’s Talk About Pat

I’m talking about Pat Benatar of course.  Let’s watch this music video then reconvene, shall we?

I saw Pat a few weeks ago and wrote about it over on  Check it out, because Pat is:

  1. Amazing
  2. Strong
  3. So fucking in love with her husband that it makes me cry
  4. Able to rock any haircut she wants because girl got ~swagger~

AND she sings the theme song for one of the best and most Girl Pow movies of all time: The Legend of Billy Jean.

Pat Benatar got me like

Okay, time to check out  Thx byeeeee.

Boring: A Word I Hope is Never Used to Describe my Wardrobe

I am definitely not the most stylish person you will ever meet.  I buy a lot of my clothes at secondhand stores and I hate paying more than I have to for necessities (Clearance Rack Diva is a cool nickname I just came up with for myself).  Therefore, I’m either scrounging Goodwill for hours looking for unique items (which I rarely do since I’m very impatient), or I’m jazzing up cheap basics with trim n’ stuff.  I present to you:

Sammerz DIY: Closet Edition

A few months ago, I used trim to take two items from basic to fairly-basic-but-with-a-little-something-extra.  I found both the gray crop top and the black bell-sleeved shirt at Forever 21 and picked up some fringe trim and pom trim at Joann Fabrics (links are to similar products; you can purchase the trims by-the-yard when you shop in-store).

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California Dreaming

Milwaukee to San Francisco.  San Francisco to Big Sur.  Big Sur to Santa Clara.  Santa Clara to San Francisco.  San Francisco to Milwaukee.  All in just eight days.  Visiting each of those respective cities is exciting on its own, but we explored beyond each city and had many unforgettable adventures.  Just take a look at these gems:

DSCN2146 DSCN2243 DSCN2282 DSCN2376 DSCN2418-001 DSCN2539-001 DSCN2552-001

DSCN2575Can I sufficiently summarize our trip?  No.  Will I try?  Sure.

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Cali 2015: I Can’t Wait, I CAN’T WAIT … i can’t wait **UPDATED**

This is the song I am referring to in the title of this post:

Just like Stevie can’t wait for … more hairspray? another shawl? more coke? (Yea, I NAILED that subtle drug joke), I can’t wait to go to California in just 56 days.  Fifty-six days, ya’ll!  To say I am excited would be a sick understatement, and I don’t mean sick in the good way.  I mean, check out this awesome cabin we booked.


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Sammerz 2014: The Cliffs Notes Version

I have been 25 for almost three weeks and we are 15 days into the new year, so what better time than to review my 2014 and 24th year of life?  No time like the present, amirite?!  Here are my favorite moments from the past year, in no particular order, and very much summarized because I am feeling sleepy zzzzz

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Christmas is the Best *clap clap* Don’t Pay Attention to the Rest

Here you go; play this for ultimate holiday cheer while reading this post:


Why is Christmas the best?  I really don’t know – it just is.  Seriously, when else can you listen to songs like this:

and this:


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We went to St. Louis but don’t make fun of us

My boyfriend and I went to St. Louis last weekend and it was exactly what we needed.  Sure, it’s only six hours away from where we live and it’s still in the midwest, not to mention it doesn’t have that great of a reputation, but it was exciting to get out of town for a few days and hit up the Lou (lol I am just realizing that sounds like I could be talking about a bathroom).

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Sammerz’ Christmas Wish List 2014

My boyfriend recently asked me what I want for Christmas and I drew a blank.  Does that mean I’m more mature?  Eh, doubt it.  Does it mean I have everything I want in life?  Maybe.  I mean, I’m content with my life but lesbehonest, when you’re brought up in a materialistic society, it’s hard to ignore the societal pressures to always want/have more.  Woah – thank you sociology degree.

Of course my messed up brain draws the conclusion that I can’t think of anything I want for Christmas because I’m not as creative anymore.  Uh, really brain?  Really.  I work in an office all day and this must be draining my creativity, right?

Or maybe it’s a combination of all of the factors listed above.  Whatever it is, my Christmas list is looking very adult, in that I want either necessities like cookware, money to pay bills, or gifts that I could give to other people.  WTF.

But enough of this self-analyzation.  It’s probably bullshit anyway.  Here is Sammerz’ Christmas Wish List 2014.

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