Christkindlmarket Milwaukee

Sing it with me: 🎶Make my wish come true // All I want for Christmas // is you 🎶

And by “you” I mean Christkindlmarket Milwaukee (obviously; what else would the song be about?). Christkindlmarket debuted their first out-of-state site this year, opening for the season on November 17 in Milwaukee. About 25 vendors set up shop directly outside the Fiserv Forum (which is another new site to visit in downtown Milwaukee), and will remain open every day through New Year’s Eve.

Christkindlmarket began in Chicago in 1996 by German American Events, LLC and found a new (and still current) home at Daley Plaza in 1997. Operating as Chicago’s largest open-air market, Christkindlmarket takes up the whole plaza with food, drink, music, and shopping for those one-of-a-kind holiday gifts. Talk about one-stop shopping; big box stores have nothing on ol’ Christkindlmarket!

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Do I Like Pearl Jam More than Fleetwood Mac? A Personal Crisis

It’s no secret that I love Fleetwood Mac.  At least it shouldn’t be after you read my post about attending their concert a month ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I like other bands, but Fleetwood Mac is my ultimate favorite band.

Or so I thought.

My boyfriend wanted to go to Pearl Jam when they announced they were playing in Milwaukee, but tickets were ridiculously expensive so he kind of gave up on that dream.  That is, until he was browsing Ebay the day before the concert and found tickets for way below face value.  He ended up winning the tickets when the auction ended at 10 p.m., so you can imagine how frazzled I was when I found out I had under a day to pick out my concert attire.  #firstworldproblems

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