Bowie Controls my Life

It only took about 5 seconds after I posted my last post to completely change my mind and re-work my list of my top David Bowie songs.  It’s probably impossible for me to narrow down my top choices since apparently they change daily, so I’m just going to slap down some more Bowie faves here.

  • Oh! You Pretty Things

This video is pretty awesome.  Scratch that, pretty fucking awesome.  Look at how cute Bowie looks on that piano!  I die.

  • Heroes

How could I not include the song that Great Britain walked out to in the 2012 Olympics in London?!  I mean, three of my favo(u)rite things all at the same time: Bowie, London, and an international competition that the U.S. kicks ass in every 4 years!  #luv

  • Modern Love

I love everything about this song, even the fact that sometimes I think it’s Footloose when it starts playing (Did I mention I’m an idiot sometimes?).  I NEED to dance when I hear this song.  Do you know how hard it was for me to write this while I was dancing?

  • Soul Love

I’ve been listening to Bowie pretty much non-stop this week in anticipation of attending David Bowie Is at the MCA Chicago, which worked out wonderfully because this song is now in my top Bowie tracks.  This song works for me and sounds like a David Bowie song, if that makes any sense.  I guess what I’m trying to say is DAVID RULEZ.

  • Blue Jean

This video = my everything.


I will also be going to see Fleetwood Mac tomorrow in Chicago.  In other words, tomorrow is going to be a day full of my loves: Bowie and F.Mac … and my boyfriend who is gracious enough to take me even though I’ll probably bitch at his driving the whole time (SHOUTING OUT TO YOU, VINTOWN).  Christine McVie is BACK with Fleetwood Mac for the first time since 1997!  I didn’t even know what music was back then!  So, in anticipation of me losing my shit tomorrow night, here is (one of) my favorite jamz.