Concerts are Fun but Dumb Twats Make Them Less Fun

Fleetwood Mac returned to Chicago last Thursday and Friday and they were AMAZING.  At least on Friday they were amazing.  I’d like to think they weren’t as amazing on Thursday because I wasn’t in attendance, but I’m sure they kicked ass as usual.  Of course I was too busy ranting and raving about David Bowie last week to really touch on how excited I was to go to the F.Mac concert, but trust me, I was stoked.  (LOL I just used the word stoked in an unjoking manner.  Dafuq.)

Anyway, my boyfriend bought the Fleetwood Mac tickets for me way back near the beginning of 2014 because I threatened I would rip out his throat if he didn’t he’s the best in the world.  I had just seen Fleetwood Mac in 2013 and wasn’t planning on seeing them again for a while, but then they announced that Christine McVie was rejoining the band, so it was a given that we needed to see them.  Who knows how long these people are going to be able to keep doing this, ya know?!  And I couldn’t be happier that we did see them.  Just check out their setlist:


Some people would say this setlist is too many hits/singles/not enough unknown jams/etc., but I LOVED it.  Fleetwood Mac is a band who you go to see because you want to hear them sing their hits.  This could be because their songs rule.  Or it could be because they tend to go on tangents about songs, often incorporating lots of talk about mysticism and spirits and feelings, but you’re willing to put up with the tangents as long as they sing a song you know.  Or it could be a combination of those factors.

The concert started and like any normal concert attendees, my boyfriend and I stood up to cheer/dance/sing/make out/you name it.  The section next to us were down and everyone was standing.  EVERYONE.  Our section was quite the opposite.  We were the only people standing, which was super awkward.  We were probably some of the youngest people there and we were the only ones standing.  Hello, people!  You grew up with this music!  Get off your ass and enjoy yourself!

About three or four songs into the concert, and after multiple photos were taken of our backs which I assume were Tweeted or sent on Snapchat, some prissy twat tapped my boyfriend on the shoulder and asked if we could sit down.  Had I had a little more booze in my system, I would’ve told her to stand up if she wanted to see past my fat ass.  But we caved like we were scolded 7th-graders and sat down.  The very next song was Rhiannon and what do I see out of the corner of my eye?  This bitch is standing up behind us with the doofiest grin on her face and frantically taking pictures.  SERIOUSLY?!  She became a little less excited and confused when she realized the song didn’t sound exactly like it does on the album since it was the live version since, you know, we were at a concert and they were playing it live.  See below.

Once the song ended, bitch sat down and I assume looked through the crappy photos she had just taken.  I started to forget about her until I saw her walking out with her boyfriend/husband/who cares not even three songs later.  A few more songs passed and I had just about forgotten about her when she returned, retrieved her mom from her seat, and left again.

It wasn’t until the break before the first encore that I overheard the other people behind us talking about this girl and how her parents had named her Rhiannon after the song, so they came to the concert to see the song live.  The girl’s dad got shitfaced before the concert even started, so they had to leave early.  Dude didn’t even make it to the seats!  But hey, if I had a daughter who I named Rhiannon so she could grow up to be fucking cool, but she turned out like that twat, I would drink my sorrows away too.  Honestly, who spends $95+ on a ticket to hear ONE song and sit on their ass the whole time, and chastise other people for enjoying themselves?!  IT’S A CONCERT.  Screw you.  I know I shouldn’t have let this B affect my night but I may or may not have searched Instagram for photos tagged at the United Center to see if I could find her.  #whosthecrazybitchnow

ANYWAY, despite the party pooper people in our section, the concert was amazing and Christine McVie sounds excellent, along with the rest of the band.  Stevie rocked her top hat way better than I rocked mine.  Lindsey made my panties drop with his guitar playing skills.  Mick said some weird stuff and did a crazy guitar solo, complete with what sounded like dog barking noises(?).  John was mostly silent but had a sweet vest and hat.  If you get a chance to see them on this tour, DO IT.  I’ll be there to tell you to sit the fuck down.

my loves.

Oh hi Lindsey *swoon*