Do I Like Pearl Jam More than Fleetwood Mac? A Personal Crisis

It’s no secret that I love Fleetwood Mac.  At least it shouldn’t be after you read my post about attending their concert a month ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I like other bands, but Fleetwood Mac is my ultimate favorite band.

Or so I thought.

My boyfriend wanted to go to Pearl Jam when they announced they were playing in Milwaukee, but tickets were ridiculously expensive so he kind of gave up on that dream.  That is, until he was browsing Ebay the day before the concert and found tickets for way below face value.  He ended up winning the tickets when the auction ended at 10 p.m., so you can imagine how frazzled I was when I found out I had under a day to pick out my concert attire.  #firstworldproblems

But that’s not what’s important to this story.  We go to the concert Monday night (first of all, not too thrilled about it being on a Monday night.  This girl needs her sleep after spending the day hungover at work!) and I’ve never seen the BMO Harris Bradley Center more packed than it was that night.  In fact, I’ve never seen that area of town so busy.  We stopped at a few bars for drinks and we were feeling pretty good by the time we made it in the arena.  Did I mention we had to wait in line to get inside the arena?  I’ve never had that happen in Milwaukee.  NEVER.

We ended up buying some pretty awesome t-shirts (gotta appreciate awesome concert tees) and the concert started shortly after.  I knew that Pearl Jam is a good band, but I had no idea how good the concert was going to be.  I’m not a fan of not knowing songs when I’m at a concert.  It makes me feel awkward and want to go get a beer but then I end up missing half of the next song, which is a song I know and love.  I thought I would be borderline miserable for most of the concert because of this, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Yes, I still barely knew any of the songs, but they sang and performed so well that it didn’t matter.  Their big screens were black and white for the first half or so of the concert, and it gave a really artsy-fartsy vibe that I loved.  When they did play a song I knew, it was amazing.  My boyfriend and his beer serenaded me for most of the songs and it reminded me of why I am so in love with him.

Blech, feelings!  See what this concert did to me?!

I thought I was a classic rock junkie.  Yes, Pearl Jam I guess is kind of classic rock?  Almost?  How long does a band have to be around before it is considered classic rock?  But I was always more Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, etc. rather than Pearl Jam, Nirvana, etc.  But I can’t get over how amazing the Pearl Jam concert was.  Maybe I am just high off experience Pearl Jam for the first time.  Maybe I am remembering the evening incorrectly since I was pretty buzzed myself.  Or maybe I just fucking love concerts and having a good time.  Whatever it is, I can’t deny it.  Pearl Jam is the best concert I’ve ever attended, and that’s including Fleetwood Mac complete with Christine McVie.

I apologize to the classic rock gods and to my past self for admitting that I liked a concert more than the Fleetwood Mac concerts I’ve attended, but I feel this is an affair I need to pursue.

Anyway, I’m being pretty dramatic which makes awesome writing, right?  I know it’s fine to like new bands and experience new things, but I’m a white girl so of course I have to make a big deal about it.  Plus, Eddie Vedder made a happy birthday video for Tom Petty then sang Won’t Back Down.  I DIE.

Eddie Vedder made the crowd sing Happy Birthday to Tom Petty, then sang Won't Back Down. I guess he's pretty cool.