Sammerz’ Christmas Wish List 2014

My boyfriend recently asked me what I want for Christmas and I drew a blank.  Does that mean I’m more mature?  Eh, doubt it.  Does it mean I have everything I want in life?  Maybe.  I mean, I’m content with my life but lesbehonest, when you’re brought up in a materialistic society, it’s hard to ignore the societal pressures to always want/have more.  Woah – thank you sociology degree.

Of course my messed up brain draws the conclusion that I can’t think of anything I want for Christmas because I’m not as creative anymore.  Uh, really brain?  Really.  I work in an office all day and this must be draining my creativity, right?

Or maybe it’s a combination of all of the factors listed above.  Whatever it is, my Christmas list is looking very adult, in that I want either necessities like cookware, money to pay bills, or gifts that I could give to other people.  WTF.

But enough of this self-analyzation.  It’s probably bullshit anyway.  Here is Sammerz’ Christmas Wish List 2014.

  • Black Burlap Toms.  I’ve actually wanted these for a while now but could never justify buying them for myself.  My friend and I got Toms for each other last Christmas … er I mean we tried.  We used some sketchballs discount Toms website and the ones she ordered for me never showed up.  So they remain on my Christmas list.  Sz 9, plz.
  • Flannel sheets.  I already asked my mom for these and was bombarded by more questions from her than that time in high school when I stumbled home at 6 a.m., threw up in the garage, and proceeded to hose down the floor of the entire garage including my tennis shoes.  Who knew that there was so much detail in picking out flannel sheets?  Not this broad.
  • Anything London-related.  Yes, I am one of those people who studied abroad and is now obsessed with the city where they studied.  I’m drinking fucking English Breakfast tea right now.  My boyfriend has been killin’ it at getting me something London-related each year.  He could probably put a Union Jack sticker on a paper plate and I would think it was the best gift ever (unless it is the ring pictured below.  Please no.  Please, please, please no.  Bloody hell.).


  • Faux leather leggings.  Okay, so maybe I’m not as mature as I thought since wearing these would make me look like a wannabe dominatrix, but idc.  They are rad.  I had a pair of pleather pants in 5th grade that were too big, so I never wore them and got rid of them.  UGH they would probably fit now.  Idiot past self.
  • A clean up of my Facebook friends list … okay done.  Now just waiting for that awkward moment when your cousin realizes you unfriended him/her and they request to be your friend again.  Sorry, but no way.  You send way too many Farmville requests.  Bye.
  • Essential oils.  I’ve realized that I don’t like taking pills and putting a bunch of chemicals in my body (even though I live in America and eat its food every day.  Heyo chemical preservatives, amirite?!).  Essential oils are supposed to be the cure all things, right?  I sound like a soccer mom who just discovered yoga and is trying to be more holistic.  Whatevz, I’ll try it.  Just don’t you dare ask me to go to one of those weird essential oil parties.
  • Books.  Because I live in Wisconsin and there is nothing else to do in the winter short of leaving the state for a warmer climate.
  • Camera.  My boyfriend and I have been traveling a lot lately (a lot = once or twice per year outside of the state and a few times per year within the state) and as I am getting older, I am realizing more how important it is to save these memories.  #SoIntrospective  I have a camera and of course a phone, but sometimes we like to leave our phones behind and my camera is kind of clunky.  Basically I am just trying to justify having one of these bad boys.  And now I am itching to get one of these and start documenting our adventures in a whole new way.  #greedygreedygreedy



  • Basically anything from this store.  Anything with turquoise, that is.  Because I’m in my mid-twenties and a girl can dream, right?  I’ve recently reignited my love for turquoise jewelry and now I feel like I need it all.  But really, someone could give my a $2 ring from Forever21 or H&M that has turquoise on it and I would be just as satisfied.

lol.  I am pathetic.  I started this post humble bragging about how I don’t want much for Christmas, and proceeded to write over 600 words about things I want.  What a hypocrite.  I hope to make up for this by writing a post about how much I love Christmas for things other than gifts, but for now I’ll just leave it at this and let everyone know how greedy I am.  ‘Tis the season!