We went to St. Louis but don’t make fun of us

My boyfriend and I went to St. Louis last weekend and it was exactly what we needed.  Sure, it’s only six hours away from where we live and it’s still in the midwest, not to mention it doesn’t have that great of a reputation, but it was exciting to get out of town for a few days and hit up the Lou (lol I am just realizing that sounds like I could be talking about a bathroom).

I'm a lady
I’m a lady

We arrived in St. Louis in the early afternoon after a relatively easy albeit super boring drive through Nothingsville, Illinois.  We went straight to Dressel’s Public House for lunch and feasted on THE BEST PRETZEL I’VE EVER HAD.  Of course that judgment is super subjective, as the six-hour car ride could’ve been impairing my judgment, or the beer I was downing, or I am basing that judgment on the amazeballs cheese sauce that accompanied it.  My boyfriend also had an amazing pork sandwich (the Porchetta “Louie”), which was worth the seemingly unending gas bubble it produced later.  The wait staff was also pretty chill, especially when our waitress commented on my boyfriend’s Wrestlemania sweatshirt and didn’t even make fun of it!  What a gem.

After stuffing our faces, we checked in at our hotel, which was conveniently located right across the street from the arena where we would be attending a show the next day.  I really, really was grateful for this especially after attending several events in Chicago and feeling screwed over every time.  The United Center is in the middle of nowhere!  There’s nothing around there besides one bar which is packed most of the time!  It is so frustrating, so having to only walk across the street was wonderful.

That night, we went to the Missouri Botanical Garden for their annual Garden Glow event.  Saying I loved it would be an understatement.  I’m a sucker for anything Christmas, but I would recommend visiting Garden Glow even if you’re on the Scroogier side.  Yes, it is just lights on strings arranged in various ways, but still – could you ever create something like that?  Nah, I don’t think so.  It lightly rained most of the time we were there, but I didn’t mind because they served booze.  BOOZE.  You could walk around the garden with a spiked eggnog or beer in your hand.  I was a happily-buzzed lady.  CHRISTMAS RULEZ.

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The next day we did the obligatory tourist event and visited the Gateway Arch.  Not only was it super confusing to find the parking lot to the Arch, but the visitor center was also closed because apparently there was a bomb threat?  However, we didn’t find that out until a week later but hey, we’re still alive so I guess that’s all that matters?  Plus, if it was that big of a threat, they wouldn’t have let us walk around there, right?  Wait, maybe that’s why it was so difficult to get to …2014-11-23 11.00.42-2

Anyway, it was raining again and we took some obligatory Nelly-ing photos but then hightailed it to the Broadway Oyster Bar, which is conveniently right near the Arch.  My words can’t do this place justice.  The best way I can describe it is by calling it “cool.”  How lame does that make me sound?  It’s a New Orleans style place that actually looks like it was at one time covered in flood waters.  I had the crawfish mac n’ cheese and my boyfriend had a lobster po’boy.  UGH I am drooling right now.  Plus they had sweet tea TAKE ME BACK.

After recovering from our food coma, we went to the show AKA the main reason we went to St. Louis.  Judge me all you want for going to another WWE show but have you already forgotten all the stuff you just read?  I got to go to a new city, eat some seriously unhealthy yet delicious food, and visit a weirdly-shaped monument!  THEN I got to yell at scantily-clad, muscly, oiled men for a few hours while downing beers.  Yeah, it was worth it.

The drive back home was snowy, windy, and honestly miserable, but I don’t think I’ll remember that when I look back at this trip.  It was easily one of the most fun mini vacations / road trips I’ve ever had.  Hopefully there will be more spontaneous trips like this one.