Cali 2015: I Can’t Wait, I CAN’T WAIT … i can’t wait **UPDATED**

This is the song I am referring to in the title of this post:

Just like Stevie can’t wait for … more hairspray? another shawl? more coke? (Yea, I NAILED that subtle drug joke), I can’t wait to go to California in just 56 days.  Fifty-six days, ya’ll!  To say I am excited would be a sick understatement, and I don’t mean sick in the good way.  I mean, check out this awesome cabin we booked.


Oh, did I not mention that we’re going to the cool part of California?  As in, the part that’s not scary L.A.?  Sorry L.A. fans, but that city scares me … a lot, so I would like to pass on that area for now.  Instead, we’re going to Big Sur for a few days, then heading to San Francisco for a few more days (I will slyly input here that we are going for Wrestlemania DON’T JUDGE).

Not only is our cabin in a super tip spot right on the river in Big Sur, but the campground is close to some awesome parks and hiking trails.  You know what that means?!  I’ll finally get to use my kickass hiking boots that I bought back in October.  You heard me, OCTOBER.  So yeah, I’ve been excited about this trip for a while.  I can’t wait to throw on my hiking boots and a bunch of flannel shirts and walkwalkwalkwalkwalk and take dope pictures and take in the beautiful scenery (and I’m not just talking about my boyfriend ;)WINK).  PLUS I got a new camera for Christmas so I cannot wait to use it to capture our memories.

Not to mention San Francisco and all the stuff to see there: the bridge, the prison, the Rice-A-Roni.  ! I didn’t even think about all the new places we’ll get to go to eat!  !!!!!!!  Ugh, I can’t believe I have to wait 56 days for this trip.  February and the first half of March better hurry dafuq up.


I am officially an idiot and my boyfriend called me out on it.  Apparently we will be in the Santa Clara/San Jose area for most of the trip, not San Francisco.  I will address that, but first I need to remind you that this song will be in my head from now until we leave:

Anyway, back to me being an idiot.  I’m from Wisconsin, can ya blame me?  I thought California was basically L.A. and then a bunch of wineries.  #sheltered  So yes, we will be over an hour away from San Francisco for most of the trip. (That’s like mixing up Madison and Milwaukee!  EEEEEEK!)

Here is a map.  Notice how far away we will be from San Fran.  Ugh.  I hope we still have time for Rice-A-Roni.

2015-01-28 16.18.17

I guess I am glad that I at least learned this information before arriving in California.  We would’ve been in our hotel in Santa Clara (or wherever the fuck it is) and wondering why we didn’t get a room with a view of the Golden Gate bridge (wait, I would rather have a view of Alcatraz).  IMPORTANT LESSON LEARNED: look at maps.