Boring: A Word I Hope is Never Used to Describe my Wardrobe

I am definitely not the most stylish person you will ever meet.  I buy a lot of my clothes at secondhand stores and I hate paying more than I have to for necessities (Clearance Rack Diva is a cool nickname I just came up with for myself).  Therefore, I’m either scrounging Goodwill for hours looking for unique items (which I rarely do since I’m very impatient), or I’m jazzing up cheap basics with trim n’ stuff.  I present to you:

Sammerz DIY: Closet Edition

A few months ago, I used trim to take two items from basic to fairly-basic-but-with-a-little-something-extra.  I found both the gray crop top and the black bell-sleeved shirt at Forever 21 and picked up some fringe trim and pom trim at Joann Fabrics (links are to similar products; you can purchase the trims by-the-yard when you shop in-store).

My closet has a lack-of-fringe problem. It ends TONIGHT.

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I used a fabric glue to attach the trim to the edge of each clothing item.  Aleene’s OK To Wash-It is my personal favorite; I’ve never had an issue of anything coming off after washing and it holds and dries very well.  I followed the directions on the glue bottle which basically state to apply glue to the area you will be gluing (I turned each item inside out and put a thin layer of glue along the very edge).  I let the glue set for 3-5 minutes, and then carefully placed my trims on the glue.  It was a little messy, but nothing that a little soap and water couldn’t handle.  I paid probably $8 for the crop top, $17 (?) for the dress, and around $8 for the trims.  Thirty-three dollars plus a little effort = two new bangin’ items to add to my closet.

2015-03-02 20.19.43 2015-03-02 20.23.45 2015-03-02 20.30.09 2015-03-02 20.38.13Shorts are super easy to upgrade too.  I usually either buy high-wasited pants from Goodwill to make into cutoffs, or I find some mom-jean shorts.

mom jeansYes, you read that correctly.  Mom jeans are so comfortable!  …if you get ones that fit.  Otherwise you will constantly have to go to the bathroom because your bladder is begging for its life.  Plus they’re longer so you don’t have to worry about your cooter making an unwanted appearance.

Basically, find some shorts at a thrift store and take the same fabric glue to spruce those babies up.  I prefer finding some fun fabric and turning them into works of art like the examples below.

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I love Carter da Coon

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The second pair have animal fabric on the butt pockets.  As in, raccoons, moose, coyote, etc.  Probably my most favorite pair I’ve made and I’m super sad that a hole is developing right in the butt.  Again, it’s so easy and the possibilities are limitless.  Just walk into a craft store and look at all the fabric selection.  Any one of those options could easily adorn your buttocks.


Don’t forget about patches.  I whipped up this tank top just in time for the 4th of July.  It was incredibly simple: I bought a tank at Goodwill, picked up some patches at the craft store, and used my iron to glue those suckers down.  USA!  USA!  USA!

IMG_0621I couldn’t pass up this pooch patch, so he came home with me too.


Life’s too short to be basic, y’all.