It’s Easy in the Big Easy

First of all: blog post title or title of a historical novel?

We went to New Orleans a couple months ago (yes I know, I’m the worst at blogging) and as usual, it did not disappoint.  We locked down a MUTHA-EFFIN’ wedding venue!!  The MUTHA-EFFIN’ was definitely necessary in the previous sentence as it conveys how pumped I am about the location.  Let’s recap, shall we?

2015-10-17 18.33.56
I’m not sure why I love this so much.

Pro-tip: don’t let your flight get delayed.  Bribe the airport, seduce the captain, do whatever it takes to make that flight on time.  If you’re like my squad and have no idea how to do this – booze helps.  Our flight was only delayed for only about an hour but still, that cut into our partying time!  We were only going to be in the Big Easy for a few days and I wanted to make the most of it.  But alas, our plane just had to have repairs on it so to the bar we went.  Also, airport bars = weirdest places on earth.

I am of course being dramatic (I am a girl, drama is everything to me!!!!!!!), but I was very excited to get into the city, check into our hotel, and head out for the night.  Like any tourists, we started on Bourbon Street, got gut rot from hand grenades, tried (and failed) to get Mardi Gras beads, and were stampeded by college football fans.  Pat O’Brien’s is a must just to say you’ve been there, so we downed some hurricanes and had Kool-Aid red lips for the rest of the night.  After several rounds of incredibly sugary drinks, we went back to the hotel and crashed for the night.

2015-10-17 20.27.54 2015-10-17 20.36.18 2015-10-17 20.51.27 2015-10-17 21.21.33 2015-10-17 21.37.11

The next day brought new rounds of drinks along with a lot of walking.  New Orleans is pretty neat because a lot of sites are within walking distance of each other.  The weather was beautiful so we walked around Jackson Square, through the French Quarter, along the Mississippi for a tad, and once again back to the hotel for a mid-afternoon siesta.

2015-10-18 11.47.27

2015-10-18 12.33.21

The Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival was right next to our hotel, so we briefly checked it out before walking to the Frenchmen/Marigny area to get tatted up.  I can now proudly say that a part of Bowie is with me for life.  Props to Electric Ladyland Tattoo.

2015-10-18 17.03.52


Dinner that night was amazeballs.  We randomly chose a nearby restaurant as we were all getting hangry and I was lightheaded from my intense tattoo session.  Maison did not disappoint.  Like any New Orleans establishment, there was live music in the back when we sat down.  Couples, old and young, were dancing and it was the cutest thing ever.  I wanted to join in but was 1. suddenly and incredibly nervous about my dancing skills; 2. intimidated by the other dancers; and 3. too busy stuffing my face with my shrimp and grits (OMG SO GOOD YOU HAVE NO IDEA).

I honestly did plan on embarrassing my fiance and making him dance with me, but the band ended much to his pleasure.  This is when the evening got even better (who knew, right?!).  Another band began playing swingy-jazzy-bluesy music and a professional swing-dancing couple, dressed to the nines, began doing the coolest dance moves.  It was impressive not only for the dance moves themselves, but also because of the fact they had only a small space at the very end of the bar to do them in.  I’m talking tap dancing, swing dancing, dips, twirls, kicks – THA WORKS!  It was fun and casual, entertaining and contagious.  It was a highlight of the trip.

Frenchmen Street and the Marigny have a lot of cool places.  It’s like a less-touristy, more-hipstery Bourbon Street.  We found a night market and eventually ended up at the Royal Street Inn, or R Bar.  Honestly I can’t figure out what it’s really called (what is internet?), but it was another highlight of the trip.  Cheap drinks, great jukebox, and dogs in the bar = happy Sammerz.

2015-10-18 19.53.41 2015-10-18 20.21.35

We made another trip to Bourbon Street but I won’t bore you with another story full of sugary drinks, Big Ass beers, drunken purchases of the voodoo variety, and binge eating cheese fries.

2015-10-18 21.48.54 2015-10-18 22.42.17

~anyway~ the next day was wedding venue day.  I was weirdly nervous, like these places were judging me on my bridal skills or something.  And trust me, I have no bride skills.  One lady asked me what I’m thinking for the wedding.  As in, a general synopsis of what I want the wedding to look like/feel like/contain/etc. etc.  I think I said “simple” then sat there waiting for her to tell me more about chairs and place settings and other things I don’t really care about.  Needless to say, we didn’t choose that venue.

We did, however, choose this pretty little number called Chateau LeMoyne.  Fancy, right?  The coordinator there was so helpful, cheery, nice, and most importantly, didn’t make me feel dumb.  There’s a courtyard, two indoor spaces, a fountain, a balcony, and an awesome suite that I get to party in use to get ready for wedding-ing and stuff.  It’s near the French Quarter and Bourbon Street, but far enough away to escape some of the pukey smell.  Basically when I think about it I turn into the emoji with heart eyes.

2015-10-19 14.03.20 HDR

Enough wedding talk!  (If you’re dying to hear more, check out ;)WINK)  New Orleans rules and I can’t wait to go back (OMG to get married ahhhhhhhelkcp83jk;afvf7).

Quick summary of the rest of the trip: we did a walking ghost tour (3 out of 5 stars) and had brunch at The Ruby Slipper Cafe (8 out of 5 stars).  And now I find myself here, 2 months later and just bragging about it now. *sigh*

2015-10-19 19.33.01 2015-10-20 09.56.18-2