Gym Clothes and Succulents

I woke up early this morning for the sole purpose of working out before work.  Mind you, I only had my alarm set for half an hour earlier and finally dragged myself out of bed about 15 minutes earlier than I normally do.  BUT I still did it, and I feel pretty damn good about it.  Will I continue to do it in the future?  Who knows.  Did I only do it because I was in a FitBit challenge?  Could be.  Did I do it so I could justify eating a huge omelette for breakfast?  ENOUGH WITH THE QUESTIONS!

In the midst of my hardcore workout of walking dreamily on the treadmill, I started thinking how everyone else in the fitness center seems to have what I refer to as “adult” gym clothes.  You know – the fitted Under Armour shirts and the fun-patterned pants, all color coordinated together in a put-together gym outfit.  Is this gym etiquette now?  Do I have to buy clothes specifically for working out?  I can barely dress myself for day-to-day wear, much less purchase and coordinate an outfit in which I will sweat profusely.

I mean, isn’t it acceptable and give me an undertone of *coolness* to wear a scrubby t-shirt, baggy shorts or maybe throw in some weird leggings now and then?  Like, I have such a nonchalant attitude about my workout garb, but I still look like I belong there and not like I’m homeless and just hanging out to get out of the cold.  Here I am, looking so cah-yute:

Sorry ya’ll, but I’m #taken, sweat and all.

It’s not that I’m insecure about what I’m wearing or that I’m jealous of people’s name-brand, smooth-glide, easy-fit, color-changes-based-on-your-mood gear.  I’m just really curious as to what is proper “gym etiquette” and if I need to hit up Dick’s for some goods.

For now I think I’ll keep wearing my old tees because Sammerz got a wedding to save for/I’ve been buying lunch at work a lot lately.

Also I planted a new succulent tonight.  I think I put too much soil in and I’ll have to do it over tomorrow.  I read like 4 tutorials today and still messed it up ARGH!  Planting in the winter is not the best idea either.  There is now soil all over the carpet, which I will probably not clean up until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. #LazeBall

I will now return to drinking tea with Bailey’s (surprisingly good) and watching From Russia With Love.

PS – do you think one of those Naked juices would taste okay with vodka added?  Kind of like a Bloody Mary but with fruit?  Asking for a friend (the friend is me; I am my only true friend).