Kayaks and Wrestling: My Life is Cool

Summer in the midwest is difficult.  There’s an incredible amount of pressure to enjoy the outdoors and the events and activities while the nice weather is here, yet you are coated in sweat and mosquitoes the second you walk out the door.  But I’m just a complainer and I’ll take this weather any day over the sub-zero bullshit that will be here in six months.  Basically I’m trying to justify that I’m writing this post almost two months after I participated in the activities this post describes.  Whatever, I’ve been busy watching Lady Dynamite, k?

Earlier this summer, Vintown and I rented kayaks from Milwaukee Kayak Company and meandered up the Milwaukee River eventually ending up at Lakefront Brewery.  Sure, sure – we had seen all these sights before, but not from this view.  Being in the kayak was a tad nerve-wracking; I mean, who wants to have their body that close to any river in Milwaukee?  Insert gross-face emoji here, please.

But the water wasn’t that bad, thankfully, despite some areas of smelliness and random trash things floating in the water.  The cool-factor of kayaking through the city outweighed any empty Mountain Dew bottles that were alongside us.  Not to mention we had to focus on not dropping our phones while taking Snapchat vids of the scenery around us.  #NOMOFOMO

Getting our stroke on thanks to @milwaukeekayak #MKC

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Long story short (very short in this case … I have episodes of Stranger Things to watch, okay?!), rent a kayak from MKC.  You won’t regret it.  Paddle through the city, stop at a few bars, and get a good workout while you’re at it.  Just don’t stop at so many bars that you’re flipping your kayak on the way back.  There isn’t enough beer in the world to protect you from whatever may be lurking in that water.

Oh, and we went to Ring of Honor later that night at Turner Hall.  I finally got to see the Young Bucks after three long Buck-less years.  ~swoon~


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