Splits Saga: Week 1

I’m pretty proud of myself this week. I achieved my goal of stretching three times and I even included some “bonus stretching” at my desk at work. Granted, it was only a minute or two of light stretching, but I did it several times throughout the day, most days. Wooo! Setting and achieving goals actually feels … good? Does this mean I should stop setting embarrassingly low expectations so that I’m never disappointed?


My splits-ability hasn’t drastically improved; I’m not sure if there’s any improvement over last week, but it felt different. It still was uncomfortable, but I felt closer to the ground. It might’ve been all in my head, but everything has a mental component so maybe I can just trick my brain into releasing my hips and soon my booty will reach the floor. That sentence was gross at best; my apologies.

I focused mostly on lunge-type stretches this week, along with the one below from the POPSUGAR article I referenced in my last post. I was surprised by how difficult it was to roll my shoulders back and keep my arms up during the stretch. It added a little more stretch compared to simply bending over and reaching for the ground. I will definitely continue to do this stretch even after my challenge is complete.

I can tell you one thing that’s for sure: my arms definitely do not extend like that woman’s when I’m trying to do that stretch. I imagine I look more like I tried on a shirt that was too small and now I can’t get it off and I’m trapped in a tiny dressing room while the dressing room attendant knocks on the door and asks if I need anything so I try to stay calm because I don’t want to embarrass myself but I end up saying “THANKS YOU TOO” (speaking hypothetically, of course).

Splits Saga will return next week!