Sammerz’ Best of 2017 / Review of Being 27

It’s been 2018 for almost two whole weeks now?! That’s right, I got a calendar for Christmas AND I know how to read it (multiple calendars, in fact). This blog is late, but it’s still relevant to … me …?

Anyway here are some of my highlights of 2017 and of being 27 years old.

We got married!

Obviously this is THE highlight of my year. If you’re getting married soon, seriously consider doing it in New Orleans. It was fun, beautiful, affordable, and unforgettable. Read my blog/review here and watch this video of our Second Line. That’s right, you get your own damn parade when you get married in NOLA.

We went to Seattle!

Probably my next favorite memory from this year is our honeymoon in Seattle. We walked a lot, saw a lot of neat stuff, swam, ate, drank, and explored our way through the city and I feel like there is so much more there to do and see. We will definitely be going back, but in the meantime, check out this video!

Which brings up another highlight…

I started making videos…

NOT PORN, you pervs. I never really had a YouTube phase so I guess it hit me last year. I figure it’s easier than blogging (lol sometimez) and the reward is more immediate since you can watch your own videos again and again and watch those view get higher and higher, BAYBEE. Not that I do that or anything. Check it out here!

We saw Tom Petty

and thinking of it makes me want to cry now. We went to his second night of a two-night stand at Summerfest. It was a standard concert for him based off the other concerts of his that I’ve been to, but I’ll never forget it. I’ll also never forget the dumb millennial next to me (he was way dumber than me so no, I am not a dumb millennial), who took a photo of TP on Snapchat and captioned it “the greatest artist … still alive.” If I ever see that dork again, I’m going to punch his nose because CLEARLY he jinxed it and pretty much dug Petty’s grave then and there. But other than that, it was a great show from a great artist. RIP TP!

We were sweating to the oldies last night. ? @vintown

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I got a new name!

I’m all about women who keep their maiden names after marriage and I have no qualms with whatever people choose to do, but I always knew I would change my name if/when I got married. Did it have something to do with the fact that my initials were SAG? No comment. Did marrying someone with a last name that started with M play a factor? You betcha. One of my life goals is now complete, and my initials spell out SAM. *moderate applause* Also I hope I never have to go to the Social Security office again, at least not for a very long time. Place is hella creepy!

We went tubing!

I popped my tubing cherry this summer when we went tubing down a river in the Dells. There were 6 of us, which seemed to be a good-sized group. Drank a lot, found Juggalo Island, peed in the river, saw a topless lady riding a mechanical bull on a huge floating platform while she yelled “I’M 50!”. Great memories.

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I got an IUD!

But you can read all about that elsewhere on this site. I won’t bore you/gore you with more of my vagina monologue.

My skin is finally somewhat under control!

I started listening to Natch Beaut last year and it is a GEM of a podcast. I learned so much about skincare and actually had fun researching products and trying out different items to find out what works for my skin. I’m still experimenting but it’s made a definite improvement. My dermatologist also switched me over to Spironolactone, which has been a big factor in my skin. Glowing Up is another podcast that helped me with beauty/skin care. Learning can be fun!

I failed at my own blog challenge!

This isn’t a proud moment but I felt like I should include it. I obviously didn’t complete my splits goal and I blogged all of … two times? I hope to do a different challenge this year, one that is better suited to me, and the possibly branching out into more difficult areas. I also picked the worst time of year for that challenge. Not like there’s lots of events going on at the end of the year or anything…

Now for goals!

I’m not big into New Years’ Resolutions, but I do have a few goals I’ve been thinking about the past couple of weeks. In no specific order:

  • Eat well. The end of the year got crazy unhealthy. My gut and wallet need me to cook better and eat at home more. MAKE BETTER CHOICES.
  • Work out consistently. I also fell off this wagon at the end of the year. Actually, I really fell off after the wedding because I hit that weird post-wedding depression and I didn’t feel like taking care of my body for a while. I’m over that for the most part now. Sometimes I do just want to throw in the towel and let it all go, but then I’d be like everyone else in my state WOAHHHHHHH too far. Maybe I should try to be nice in the new year?
    • NAH
  • Lose weight. Obvious. Goes hand in hand with the two above. Like I said, I fell off that wagon HARD. I don’t look bad by any means, and I am trying to be realistic, but I gained probably close to 15 pounds since our wedding. And that is 15 pounds I’d like to come back off. My clothes are getting tight and I have a noticeable beer belly. Dammit I already am like these people in my state I’M SORRY I WAS PICKING ON YA’LL.
  • Stop picking. I have drastically stopped picking my face, in that I rarely pick pimples or try to squeeze out blackheads anymore. Now I pick my cuticles and lately I’ve been chewing my lips and the inside of my mouth a lot. Work anxiety is SO REAL in 2018. I’d like to stop these behaviors.
  • Take a hot yoga class. Preferably this winter as a nice way to warm up.
  • Pay off credit cards and make extra payments on student loans.

I could end with a nice one, such as “more patience” or “enjoy life because mine is great!” but those are superfluous. I know those things and I constantly am working on them. Wait, a real goal should be to blog more, but the jury is out on that one.

Here’s to 2018 and my 28th year of life. Cheers.