Miz & Mrs. Recap: A Simple Mizunderstanding

The premiere episode of the long-awaited series “Miz and Mrs.” did not disappoint (seriously, I’ve been seeing ads for this show since well before Wrestlemania so it’s about time the show actually aired). I was also pleasantly surprised by the series’ Wikipedia page that all the episode titles for this season are as clever and/or punny as “A Simple Mizunderstanding” because get it, Miz … mizunderstanding … as in, misunderstanding … wait why wasn’t it Mrs.understanding … sexist!



As with any series premiere, a good chunk of the episode was introducing the cast of characters. Of course we see Miz being his Miz-self, and the audience is left to wonder if he’s really like that or if he is carrying his wrestler’s character over to the reality show. Case in point: Miz complaining about sitting on a bench while his 8-month pregnant wife sits next to him.

Then there’s Maryse, and as previously mentioned, lady is pregnant as hell. But DAMN she looks good, and shame on me for not realizing she’s pretty funny too. Plus you have to give her props for having such an easy-going vibe around wannabe frat-boy Miz.

We’re briefly introduced to a few other characters, including Maryse’s mom, Margot, and their dogs, one of which is named Pumpkin (I think?). Plus the other wrestlers pop in, including an extremely nervous Titus O’Neil running around backstage looking for Miz, because Renee Young told Titus that Maryse was going into labor and he needed to find Miz so Miz could help Maryse and finally Titus finds Miz and they go back to find Maryse, who is eating a cookie and shrugging off her labor pains as Braxton Hicks contractions and being all  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Other highlights of the first episode include swearing, which makes the show seem more “real” for lack of a better term. More F bombs please! Miz and Maryse sometimes talk in third person, which is strange but also very on brand for them. The couple is moving to Austin from Los Angeles, and they debate whether they should drive or buy a private jet (excellent storyline, USA Network writers), and they decide they’ll buy a huge motor-coach bus to drive to their new home. If they don’t show Miz trying to drive that cross country later in the season, well I … I … I don’t know what Sammerz will do but it won’t be pretty!

The highlight of the show was of course the implied nude maternity photoshoot. Miz mizunderstands (I get it now, so hilariously clever!) and walks to set completed naked. There is ~quiet on the set~ but only for a second as all the ladies burst out laughing, gasping, and acting like this wasn’t totally scripted! No hate from me either, it was hilarious scripted or not! (It’s totally scripted.)


This leads to Miz taking seductive, nude photos and the USA Network editor placing the Miz TV logo over “Big Mike,” as Miz so poignantly named his genitals. He’s a clever one, all right! This segment sounds lame in writing, but it’s genuinely funny and I’ve never wanted to watch Miz TV more.


That wraps up this week’s recap, but in my preparation for this post, I found a blog from Miz and Maryse on People.com? Show of hands – how many people think they actually wrote this blog? Are there going to be more posts? Will Pumpkin be a guest blogger? Only time will tell, make no miztake of that.