Miz & Mrs. Recap: Miz Takes the Cake

Another week in the life of Miz and Maryse and guess what?! More shenanigans! This week we were graced by the presence of Miz’s dad and Avril Lavigne, but we’ll get to that a bit later.

The show opens with Maryse’s mom, Margot, giggling over Miz’s photos from the last episode (nice callback, USA Network). You remember the ones: “implied” nude, but Miz went full-on nude in aย hilarious miz-understanding (if you don’t, go read my last post!). Margot makes fun of Miz’s flat ass and laughs at him, but in a cutesy way; you know, because of her accent and all. People with accents are always cute! Unless they have midwest accents, like Miz’s dad but again, we’ll get to that later.


In our capitalist country, no life event is complete without a party, and that party must be fully customized with activities, props, and lots of dinero flying around (as in cash money, not Robert). Our protagonist’s baby shower is no exception. Miz and Maryse go to a local baker (props on supporting a small biz, Miz) and pick our a ridiculously expensive cake. There’s some negotiating, and Maryse is disappointed but Miz makes it up with a roadside stuffed animal and flowers. How sweet!

Now here’s where the real shenanigans start. Miz’s dad flies in for the baby shower and Miz has to pick him up from the airport since Miz’s dad (AKA George) is too cheap to take a cab. Side note: where tf is Miz’s mom? Anyway, George is appalled by the delivery charge for the cake, so they decide to swing by and pick up the cake. This goes as well as you would expect, resulting in a ruined cake and sticky car. Miz goes back to the baker and begs them to give him a replacement cake, which they conveniently have already made in the backroom I guess? Lo and behold, it’s the original cake Maryse wanted, so Mike ends up somewhat of a hero (unfortunately not a “hero” as in the type of sandwiches his dad makes).

Let’s get to the party! Avril Lavigne is there and is sporting a huge gray sweatshirt, which might be on brand for her right now but I honestly have no idea. *insert conspiracy theory here about how the sweatshirt is a hint that real Avril is dead and this is a replacement Avril*

Dolph Ziggler is there, and of course Miz’s mom and dad (seriously where was his mom when he picked up his dad from the airport?). There are games, a photo booth, and the party is a great sendoff as the last hurrah at Chateau MarMiz (hate to say I love that they call their house Chateau MarMiz).


The storyline concludes by Margot being a creep and helping Maryse find the remnants of the ruined cake. Maryse takes the evidence to Mike and he is ashamed, but they make up in the end. Awwww! Margot also gives the couple a gift, which ends up being a huge framed photo of Miz and Maryse from their photoshoot. What a funny lady! (I couldn’t find any pictures of this. Did Miz scrub this from the internet? Insert another conspiracy theory here about Miz’s control over his image on the internet a la fat Axl Rose.)

There weren’t as many LOL moments this week, but the episode was still entertaining and packed with an obviously written storyline plenty of random but believable shenanigans! Here’s to hopefully featuring more George in the future.