Undertaker Inspired Drag Queen Makeup Tutorial

Halloween! Is over. But now we’re in this weird lull until Thanksgiving and Christmas, so why not keep celebrating Halloween? Please just watch my makeup tutorial because it’ll teach you how to look scary snatched all year long.

Products used:

Stinky Face Stuff

was planning on watching “Total Divas” tonight and bringing back my weekly recap, but unfortunately you might actually need a subscription to the channel you’re planning on watching (not naming names … SAMMERZ).  So anyway, here I am watching season 1 of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” for the second time and doing my pre-bedtime routine.  Aaaand apparently blogging about it now, kewl.

Basically I just wanted to throw some hot tips out there that may or may not be beneficial to you, my dear reader, who may or may not be my only reader, who may or may not be my husband (thanks for the support, bby).

I’ve come across two simple, albeit stinky, face cleansers that are also all natural.  Yay!  And not like you get them in the natural section of the skin care aisle, but like, actually natural and organic.  Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar, y’all!

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Boring: A Word I Hope is Never Used to Describe my Wardrobe

I am definitely not the most stylish person you will ever meet.  I buy a lot of my clothes at secondhand stores and I hate paying more than I have to for necessities (Clearance Rack Diva is a cool nickname I just came up with for myself).  Therefore, I’m either scrounging Goodwill for hours looking for unique items (which I rarely do since I’m very impatient), or I’m jazzing up cheap basics with trim n’ stuff.  I present to you:

Sammerz DIY: Closet Edition

A few months ago, I used trim to take two items from basic to fairly-basic-but-with-a-little-something-extra.  I found both the gray crop top and the black bell-sleeved shirt at Forever 21 and picked up some fringe trim and pom trim at Joann Fabrics (links are to similar products; you can purchase the trims by-the-yard when you shop in-store).

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Do it Yo’self: Chalkboard Style

All right, ya’ll.  Let’s get some DIY action on this blog, shall we?  I mean, let’s face it: this winter is NOT going away anytime soon, at least here in Wisco.  So while you’re cooped up yearning for spring to make its debut, create a fun and versatile addition to your home with this DIY chalkboard.

I may be a little behind on this trend but it does not seem to be fading out anytime soon.  There are tons of tutorials for how to chalkboard pretty much anything in your home, but what if you don’t actually own anything in your home?  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to chalkboard paint an entire wall or area of a wall in my home, but as a terminal renter/leaser (thx, student loans), I had to come up with an alternative choice.

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