Do I Like Pearl Jam More than Fleetwood Mac? A Personal Crisis

It’s no secret that I love Fleetwood Mac.  At least it shouldn’t be after you read my post about attending their concert a month ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I like other bands, but Fleetwood Mac is my ultimate favorite band.

Or so I thought.

My boyfriend wanted to go to Pearl Jam when they announced they were playing in Milwaukee, but tickets were ridiculously expensive so he kind of gave up on that dream.  That is, until he was browsing Ebay the day before the concert and found tickets for way below face value.  He ended up winning the tickets when the auction ended at 10 p.m., so you can imagine how frazzled I was when I found out I had under a day to pick out my concert attire.  #firstworldproblems

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Concerts are Fun but Dumb Twats Make Them Less Fun

Fleetwood Mac returned to Chicago last Thursday and Friday and they were AMAZING.  At least on Friday they were amazing.  I’d like to think they weren’t as amazing on Thursday because I wasn’t in attendance, but I’m sure they kicked ass as usual.  Of course I was too busy ranting and raving about David Bowie last week to really touch on how excited I was to go to the F.Mac concert, but trust me, I was stoked.  (LOL I just used the word stoked in an unjoking manner.  Dafuq.)

Anyway, my boyfriend bought the Fleetwood Mac tickets for me way back near the beginning of 2014 because I threatened I would rip out his throat if he didn’t he’s the best in the world.  I had just seen Fleetwood Mac in 2013 and wasn’t planning on seeing them again for a while, but then they announced that Christine McVie was rejoining the band, so it was a given that we needed to see them.  Who knows how long these people are going to be able to keep doing this, ya know?!  And I couldn’t be happier that we did see them.  Just check out their setlist:


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