Sephora Free Class: Skincare for That Youthful Glow

On a sunny but cold Sunday morning in early January, I headed to Mayfair Mall with a friend to take one of their free classes, Skincare for That Youthful Glow.

I’ve never been to the mall before it opened, so that was an adventure in an of itself. There were so many mall walkers! For some reason, I always thought that was just a trope put on by movies and TV shows. Now I’m considering going there to walk on these ice-cold Wisconsin days. There was also a yoga class happening on our way out so I’ll have to research that too. I would love if it’s just a group of friends who get together to do yoga on Sundays at the mall.

Back to the actual class. We awkwardly waited outside of Sephora with a few others who were going to take the class. I think they opened the doors a little late, but we quickly ushered inside, checked in, and sat at tiny tables of 4 that were crowded with bowls of water, mirrors, paper, and other items that we would need during the class. It was a little cramped, but not completely uncomfortable.

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